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Mphamba Primary School - Hope 3

This is another school that is in desperate need of repair with many children waiting to utilize it. The structure of the school is there so the team will help repair and parge to make it safe to use. There are 10 members of this team who have either done mission work before or are getting first hand experience in Africa. The members include Jerry Poelman, Ryan Poelman, Mike Duffy, Paul Kittilsen, Bob Fullerton, Nico Mollenkamp, Clarence Slomp, Dirk Van Der Kooij, Corne Brobbel and Max Van Til. 

Mphamba group photo 1
Mphamba Completed 1x4 Renovation project Inside CRB
Mphamba Completed 1x4 Renovation project (15) Back view
Mphamba Completed 1x4 Renovation project (10)
Phamba kids
Mphamba unfinished
Mphamba group photo 2
Phamba team
Mphamba brick line
Mphamba children 1
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