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Mwase Day High School

The Mwase Day High School project came out of a desperate need for high schools and out of a requirement made by the Zambian government that all primary and secondary schools be located on separate properties. The building plans came from the Ministry of Education – it’s a new layout and there is only one other building like it in the whole province.

EduDeo Ministries partnered with CCAP to help with funds and building support by sending multiple HANDS teams. The participation of HANDS teams on this project has further raised the local interest and desire to participate in this project. One local stated, “If these Canadian’s come all the way from Canada to help us with our school, then we can certainly do more as well”.

The local community organized work teams to make the bricks needed – a rather complex and tedious task. It is thought that over 100,000 bricks were made, if not more!

Once the classrooms are completed, it will offer approximately 200 additional spaces for high school students. Currently, many are ‘sharing’ spaces with the primary school which is already well over capacity. Furthermore, classrooms will help reduce class sizes and the teacher to student ratio.

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