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The local community is made up of about 20,000 people who are mainly involved in farming and trading. Most of the population only has a primary level of education and health facilities and schools are not readily available here.

Hoya primary school is being upgraded to include a secondary school on an adjoining property which will includes grades 10-12. Currently the school been borrowing space from the primary school but is now required by the Zambian Government to build a structure separate from the Primary school.

The community has been incredibly supportive of the Hoya building project and has donated bricks for building 4 additional classrooms along with another 4 smaller rooms for offices and a staff room.


HANDS (Help Another Nation Develop Schools) Teams will work alongside local construction workers to help build more classrooms. Multiple teams will participate in various tasks. The type of work may include sifting sand, mixing cement, laying concrete blocks, parging, and painting, among many other tasks.

With an attitude of service and learning and a listening heart, the team will have an incredible opportunity to experience Zambian culture firsthand and interact with leaders, workers, teachers and students in the surrounding community.

Hoya Secondary Day School - Hope 1 & Hope 2 

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